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Thermochemical materials (TCM)

ThumbsUp is working with Thermochemical Materials (TCM) to enhance thermal energy storage (TES). Here are the key aspects of their work:

  • Energy Storage: TCMs enable reversible chemical reactions that store and release heat, which is crucial for TES.
  • Efficiency & Sustainability: The use of TCMs aims to improve energy efficiency and reduce supply-demand mismatches, contributing to a more sustainable energy system.
  • Innovation Needs: For TCM technology to be commercially viable, innovations are required in materials for higher storage density, cost reduction, safety, and reactor design for high output temperatures over long periods.
  • System Improvements: Enhancements in the humidification process and extending storage duration to 4 weeks or more are also necessary for the overall efficiency of the system.

The project is still in the development stage and seeks to address these challenges to make TCM technology economically feasible.

More about the technology

Thermochemical materials (TCM) are vital for thermal energy storage (TES). They enable reversible chemical reactions to store and release heat. TCMs enhance energy efficiency, reduce supply-demand mismatches, and contribute to sustainability.

TCM technology is still not at a sufficiently developed stage for commercialization. For TCM to become economically feasible, several innovations are needed. Materials must improve, for higher storage density, lower price at system level, and without any hazard & safety concerns. The reactor design needs to reach high output temperatures for a sufficiently long time period. The humidification process must also be improved for overall system efficiency. Storage duration should extend to 4 weeks and beyond.