Spanish Demosite_Single family building

Segovia, Spain

Single Familiy Building Pilot Site

Building description: Constructed in 2016 this is a single family dwelling, 4 people family living there all year long. The building has three floors with a total extension of around 200 m2. Building has a category B on EPC.

Heating & Cooling system: Air-to-water heat pump connected to a radiant floor H&C distribution, also providing DHW. Primary energy consumption: 7.3 MWh/y for heating, 1.3 MWh/y for cooling, 4.2 MWh/y for DHW. Digital programmable thermostats are installed in all rooms (one per room). The thermostat acts on the thermostatic head of the circuit/circuits, so the temperature in each room can be controlled independently. The owners are planning the installation of PV-roof.

Demonstration action:

  • Hardware: Installation of the sorTES with a target capacity of 100 kWh, to support heating and cooling provision. The sorTES will be charged by integrated PtH solution to exploit onsite PV rooftop renewables as well as electricity from the grid, to increase the operation flexibility. Installation of a FractLES for heating/DHW and one for cooling both with a target capacity of 9 kWh. These short-duration storages will support the long-duration sorTES and will also balance the daily demand of the building. The ALGOW BEMS will be deployed as well.
  • Software: the WECoMP thermo-economic tool will be applied in the design phase of the validation and the GSY tool will be used to investigate the impact of the THUMBS UP solution on the electricity grid.