Optimising grid flexibility with thermal energy storage

This webinar provides an overview of the ThumbsUp project: it presents the challenges it intends to solve and the solutions the consortium will develop in the coming 4 years. It also guest-stars representatives from the sister projects ECHO, HYSTORE and BEST-Storage.

By emiliapisani Publish date: June 22 2023
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Thermal energy storage (TES) is needed to effectively integrate and maximize the effect of renewable energy sources (RES), thus accelerating the energy transition for a more sustainable future. Unfortunately, there is still much progress to be made, particularly at a building level.

The available TES technologies are still too expensive, polluting and not easily installed in existing infrastructure or connected to the building energy management systems (BEMS). Fortunately, with support from the European Commission, through the Horizon Europe program, four new projects will spend the next four years developing and demonstrating compact, integrated and sustainable solutions based on phase changing materials (PCM) and thermochemical materials (TCM).

In the webinar recording above the ThumbsUp team presents how the modular TES solutions developed through the project will:

  • Facilitate the electrification of heating and cooling systems,
  • Allow buildings to become “energy prosumers”
  • Boost building efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption

The project and solutions were presented by:

  • Guillermo Andrés Nieto from Veolia, who will give a general overview of the project
  • Adriano Sciacovelli from the University of Birmingham to explain the FractLES PCM system behind the daily storage solution.
  • Andrea Frazzica from Italy’s CNR to present the long duration sorTES TCM sorption thermal storage solution.

To complement the ThumbsUp approach, representatives from our sister projects will also provide a brief presentation of their project goals and proposed solutions:

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