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Project Deliverables

Here you will find copies of the project deliverables to dowload.

CARTIF III building

Deliverable D1.1 - Assessment of the existing monitoring and control infrastructure and guidelines for THUMBS-UP Integration.

This deliverable highlights key findings from Task 1.1 and 1.2, assessing existing monitoring systems and confirming the optimal sizing of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) solutions. It also identifies necessary modifications for TES implementation in CARTIF III and provides guidelines to ensure regulatory compliance for health and safety in residential and tertiary buildings.

Project website's splash page

D 6.1 - Dissemination and Stakeholders’ engagement Plan and D&C material

This deliverable outlines the dissemination and communication strategy for the ThumbsUp project, detailing aims, target groups, key messages, and communication channels. It includes plans for digital and physical promotional materials, collaboration with related projects, and organization of outreach events with a final presentation at a major conference. The goal is to raise awareness of the ThumbsUp thermal energy storage (TES) solution's potential in decarbonizing heating and cooling sectors and enhancing local energy system flexibility.

Building location  in the Technological Park in Boecillo

D 1.3 - Modelling of THUMBS-UP Solutions: building integration and thermoeconomic approach

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