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THermal energy storage solUtions to optimally Manage BuildingS and Unlock their grid balancing and flexibility Potential

Balancing the grid one building at a time

ThumbsUp concept

With innovative phase changing and thermo-chemical materials, this European project facilitates the development of innovative, thermal energy storage technologies that can easily be integrated into buildings to increase their energy efficiency and grid flexibility. It aims to overcome the limitations of existing building-integrated technologies by increasing energy density and reducing the intensity factors of capital investment in this sector. The project will promote complementary digital innovations aimed at simulating, optimising and maximising the technical, operational and economic benefits of the proposed storage solutions.

ThumbsUp will facilitate

Power-to-heat sector coupling

It will boost renewable energy storage and heat pump integration in EU buildings. Thus making heating and cooling cleaner and a more secure source of energy, ensuring security of supply while promoting energy independence, energy diversification and price stability.

Easy integration of TES solutions

  • short-duration peak shifting
  • long-duration storage and flexible operation of multiple RES sources
  • coupling of buildings with the wider electricity grid


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